“Hot Market Maps” has been re-branded to “Market Conditions” and now contains 3 Tiers of user access. Depending on what subscription you have with RateView and/or DAT Power, there are different levels of features that you will see.  The following helps understand what you should expect to see.

Market Conditions (Tier 1) - Load-to-Truck Only

Market Conditions is a great tool for showing you the load-to-truck ratio of any selected area.

This is the most basic level of viewing market conditions as the only criteria to determining it is load-to-truck ratios. It’s the same Load to Truck information we’ve been providing users in Hot Market Maps only with a new color scheme and a new gauge. This does not factor in search behavior in the selected area, nor does it account for possible duplicate load postings in an area. However, it does still provide you with the ability to get a feel for what the market conditions have been.

Who Get's Tier 1?

The following subscriptions provide the load-to-truck ratio Tier 1 feature:

Load Board

  • Express Broker Pro
  • Express Broker/Carrier Pro

Market Conditions Index (Tier 2)

 Market Conditions Index, or MCI, offers user a more precise way of determining the market conditions of an area.  This is because MCI takes into account the following factors when gauging market conditions:

  • Load-to-Truck ratio
  • Truck Searches
  • Load Searches
  • Over-posting detection
    • This removes duplicate postings in an area in order to not skew data.

Note: Tier 2 shows MCI information for all scenarios except when the user selects the 3 Digit Zip Area. MCI is not currently available for 3 Digit Zip, so when the user selects this, they will get a Tier 1 experience showing them the Load to Truck information on the Map, Gauge & Chart.

Who Get's Tier 3?

Market Conditions Forecast is available as an add on purchase to our National and Key Account Market Conditions Tier 2 subscribers.

Note:  When selecting the 7 day forecast from the Timeframe, load-to-truck data, Load Search Counts and Truck Search Counts are not displayed as there is no actual data yet to record. Also, the 3 Digit Zip Area is not currently available for forecasting.