Lane searching in LaneMakers

LaneMakers allows you to search city-to-city, list of states, or zip zones. If you leave the origin or destination field empty, the system will assume you mean “Anywhere”.

What are the sliders for?

When you do a search, LaneMakers automatically looks for searching and posting activity that has occurred within the last 30 days in the Market areas containing your origin and destination cities. You can use the time slider look back further in time and the geography slider to widen or narrow the geography of your search.

What do the markings on the Geography slider mean?

3-digit zip = the first 3 digits of the target city’s primary zip code. I.e., the 3-digit zip for Fresno, CA is 936.

Mkt = Key Market Area. We divide the country into 135 key market areas. When you enter a city name into the search parameters, LaneMakers will search for any posting and searching activity that is within the market area containing the target city. To see a map of the key market areas, click on the Hot Market Map in the tools menu.

X-Mkt = Extended Market Area. This is a collection of key market areas surrounding the target city

Region = the general area of the country containing the target city.

Sometimes I can move the slider sometimes I can’t, why is that?

The geography slider is only active when your search parameters include an origin or destinations city. It’s not active if you search from state to state.

Load searches are “weighted”, what does that mean?

In the DAT Network, searching activity is between seven and eight times greater than posting activity. In order to get a realistic ranking of companies that are active on a lane, we use the searching/posting ratio for the selected activity and equipment type. Roughly speaking, 7 searches = 1 posting.