DAT iQ offers a 360-view of freight markets with the deepest, broadest and most accurate data on rates, capacity, performance and more.

  1. How to use Market Conditions
  2. RFP Tool overview
  3. DAT iQ Rateview
  4. DAT iQ Benchmark overview

Market Conditions

Understand supply and demand in freight markets,
Gain insights into market trends and future forecasts,
access freight historical data and volume...


  • Gain insights into spot freight trends with historical rate data,
  •  Make informed market decisions using Rateview's visual forecasts of future rates.

DAT iQ Benchmark

  • Gauge your performance against benchmark rates over time,
  • Perform trend analysis and deep dive root cause analysis,
  • Set budget expectations by forecasting budgets months in advance...

RFP Tool

  • Streamline and bring DAT data into the RFP workflow,
  • Track, analyze and manage past RFPs to improve performance...