In order to use the RFP tool, you will first need a request for proposal from a shipper.  You will then enter each shipment into the RFP tool to start pricing out the lanes.

  1. Start by clicking +CREATE NEW in the upper-right corner

  2. Choose to enter the RFP information one at a time, or choose to upload all of them at once by using the UPLOAD FILE option

    Note:  Using the bulk upload feature is the preferred method as it is much more time effective.

  3. Next add a title for your RFP and select which customer it is for.  You will then add the term start and end dates as well as the deadline date for your response.  When finished, click the CREATE RFP button.

  4. Locate your RFP in the list and click view the details of the RFP

  5. Select the lane or lanes you want to price and click the RATE CALCULATOR button

  6. Select your rate type, the factor you wish the rates to be based off of as well as whether to include fuel and what profit margin you wish to achieve and click UPDATE RATE

  7. Pricing will now be included for each lane

    Note:  TARGET BUY is what you would expect to pay the carrier whereas TARGET SELL is the price you would charge your customer.

  8. You can now use the export feature in order to send your bid to the customer